Lunch Menu


BOX SPECIAL (Served with 4pcs California Roll, 1pc Shrimp Tempura, 3pcs Vegetable tempura, Seaweed Salad, a Chefs Choice, Miso Soup, House Salad & Rice)

  1. Chicken Teriyaki Box
  2. Steak Teriyaki Box
  3. Salmon Teriyaki Box
  4. Tempura Box 2pcs Shrimp & 5 pcs Vegetable, 3pcs gyoza
  5. Sushi Box 4pcs (tuna, salmon, shrimp, red snapper*)
  6. Sashimi Box 9pcs (tuna, salmon, red snapper*)
  7. Sushi & Sashimi Box 3pcs sushi & 6pcs sashimi* Tuna, salmon, shrimp sushi & tuna, salmon, red snapper sashimi

SUSHI SPECIAL (Served with House Salad and Miso Soup)

  1. Sushi A1 6pcs Sushi & 8pcs California Roll*
  2. Sashimi S2 12pcs Sashimi*
  3. Roll Set 18pcs (California, Tuna, Cucumber)*
  4. Spicy Roll Set 18pcs Spicy California, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon*
  5. Chirashi Assorted Sashimi Over Sushi Rice*

HIBACHI (All Entrees are Served with Soup, Salad, Vegetable and Choice of Steam or Fried Rice)

  1. Vegetable Delight
  2. Chicken with Vegetable
  3. Shrimp with Vegetable
  4. Steak with Vegetable
  5. Salmon with Vegetable

UDON SOBA NOODLES (Hot Noodles Soup served w/ Salad)

  1. Kitsune Udon (Scallion with Bean Curd)
  2. Tempura Udon (1pcs Shrimp and 3pcs Vegetable Tempura)
  3. Chicken Udon

DONBURI SPECIAL (Served with Salad and Miso Soup)

  1. Katsudon Pork Cutlet with Served Over Rice
  2. Oyakodon Chicken Served Over Rice
  3. Bulgogi Marinated Beef Over Rice
  4. Bibimbap Rice Served with an Assortment of 5 Vegetables
  5. Hot Pot Bibimbap Bibimbap served in a Hot Pot with Beef

YAKI SOBA SPECIAL (Thin Salted, Sweet, Pan Fried Noodles w/ Vegetables served w/ Salad & Miso Soup)

  1. Beef
  2. Chicken
  3. Shrimp
  4. Vegetable